CIP - Center for Industrial Partnership

The Center for Industrial Partnership (CIP, pronounced “sip”) is the portal through which industry scientists and engineers can meet and collaborate with faculty, researchers and students conducting basic and applied research in laboratories, centers and institutes throughout The City University of New York, the largest urban public university in the world.  With access to over 2,000 doctoral-level faculty working in STEM disciplines, every industry can find partners at CUNY to work on solutions to their technology challenges.


CIP facilitates industry’s access to University faculty, staff and laboratories, and promotes the training of students by working on real-world projects of interest to industry. Together, CIP and its industrial partners collaborate on research and development programs across the entire spectrum of commercial technology, including pharmaceuticals, neuroscience and bioengineering, energy generation and storage, environmental monitoring and conservation, homeland defense and security, information technology and communications, nanoscience and innovative materials, lasers and electro-optical devices, and robotics.


For technology-intensive corporations, talking to CIP can lead to introduction to a University department or faculty member with the expertise to lead a corporate-sponsored research or development project in an area of specific concern to the company.


For further information, contact:

                                                            Myron Wecker, Ph.D.

                                                            Executive Director, Center for Industrial Partnership