Energy & Environment

Research related to energy and environment ranges from electrical energy storage and fuels to transforming waste to value products and renewable energy harvesting. Our electrical energy storage research covers materials development for low-k capacitors, high-valency ions such as aluminum for novel batteries, zinc alkaline batteries, and the characterization and testing of ionic liquid electrolytes for batteries. Research related to fuels ranges from the study of biofuels, gas hydrates, and asphaltenes to multi-phase transport, NMR of multi-phase fuels, and characterization of drilling fluids. With an environmental impact in mind, we investigate ways to convert various wastes such as ash, nuclear waste, and biomass to useful chemicals, safe materials, and fuels. Furthermore, in our research we search for more benign chemistry and processing as well as to impact efficiency of renewable energy harvesting technologies.

Faculty with Research in Energy & Environment

Primary Interest:
Prof. Sanjoy Banerjee
Prof. Elizabeth Biddinger
Prof. Marco Castaldi
Prof. Xi Chen
Prof. Rob Messinger
Prof. Jeff Morris

Secondary Interest:
Prof. Alex Couzis
Prof. Ilona Kretzschmar
Prof. Charles Maldarelli
Prof. David Rumschitzki