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Often, the difference between a good institution and a great one is the support of its alumni and friends. City’s continued academic excellence and continuous programmatic innovation require investment in the Annual Fund; to be the best, we must bring the best. Your annual gifts will go to work immediately, helping meet the College's most important needs and priorities.

Your annual gift helps City College provide:
  • Critical financial support for new and existing academic and extracurricular programs that inspire innovation in every student, every day. 
  • Scholarships to bridge the financial gap for academically gifted students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to complete their education.
  • Institutional upgrades including state-of-the-art classrooms and labs, technology, and the ability to attract the best, most qualified faculty in each department.
Strength Lies In Numbers

Giving — and giving every year — makes an enormous difference to the College. Every gift matters and your consistent participation allows City College to plan for the future with confidence. Institutions are made great by the grand gesture — the gift of a building, a professorship, an endowed scholarship — but they are also made great through the impact of smaller gifts that, that taken together, shape and support the institutional mission in critical ways.

Foundations and corporations consider gifts of any size to be votes of confidence in City College. When considering gifts to the College, corporations, foundations and other potential benefactors study annual participation rates — the percentage of alumni who give, year after year — before determining their own gift amounts.

The U.S. News & World Report university rankings, which help top-ranked institutions attract the most talented students worldwide, also heavily weigh giving participation rates in their evaluations. Every gift truly does count.

Every gift, no matter the size, contributes to the academic experience for students and the community; enhances our faculty cohort; and improves our infrastructure. Your investment in City College today is an investment in the future of our students.

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Last Updated: 02/05/2020 17:08