CSOM Dorothy and Max Bendich Research Fellowship

Dr. David Bendich

The CUNY School of Medicine (CSOM) is honored to announce the establishment of the Dorothy and Max Bendich Student Research Fellowship honoring the parents of City College of New York graduate, Dr. David Bendich. The Fellowship will be awarded to students showing an interest in science education and clinical research. Each awardee will receive $3,000 per semester for expenses the students incur while participating in their assigned research.

Dr. David Bendich is a Pediatrics Specialist as has over 45 years of experience serving underrepresented communities. Dr. Bendich established the Fellowship with CSOM to honor the work of his parents, Dorothy and Max Bendich. Max Bendich, now 105 years old, lives in the Bronx. He is the oldest World War II veteran in New York City. Max, an accomplished film actor, and writer began his career as a laundryman in New York. He is best known for his work on the films Scriptless (2014) and the Scriptless Short Films (2016). To David, Max is best known for his hard work and love for his community. "I began working with my dad in Harlem with his laundry pick-up and delivery service at a very early age," Bendich said. David carried the lessons he learned from his father about hard work and devotion to the community throughout his career.

David admits that he was unsure of his career path as a student at CCNY. He studied music for a short period of time before finding his way to the life sciences. Thanks to a research program at CCNY, he was able to study both research and clinical medicine before making his choice. "This fellowship will allow students to explore different paths in medicine and help them find what suits them," Bendich said.

Initial applicants to the Research Fellowship include two CSOM students exploring different paths in medicine. Caleb Garard plans to use the fellowship to continue to pursue his research interest in the racial tensions between French citizens of African heritage and black immigrants surrounding HIV health empowerment. "I appreciate this fellowship's commitment towards students' success, "Caleb said. "I will do well with this opportunity and continue to pay it forward."

Ms. Morales hopes to further her research in gastrointestinal microbiome disruption at Montefiore Hospital through a partnership with the Albert Einstein School of Medicine. "This fellowship will allow me to focus on this fascinating and evolving area of medicine and contribute to a greater understanding of gastrointestinal microbiome disruption."

David dedicated the research fellowship to honor his parents and continue their work in underserved communities. "Life has been good to my family," Bendich said. "It's time to give back."

Sadly, Max Bendich passed away in December 2020 at the age of 105. CSOM is honored to carry this fellowship in the name of Max Bendich and his beloved wife, Dorothy.

For more information on the Dorothy and Max Bendich Research Fellowship, please contact Robert Demicco at rdemicco@med.cuny.edu .

Last Updated: 01/25/2021 13:22