The Paper Endowed Scholarship Fund for Social Justice

Founders of The Paper

Louis Reyes Rivera

Frances Covington

Paul Simms

The Paper (formerly Tech News) was established in 1970 by a group of multi-racial students at City College during a period of social upheaval that included; The Civil Rights movement, The Vietnam War and its anti-war demonstrations, and the struggle for student rights. The members of The Paper reported on college-related issues, but also sought to give voice to the underserved in and around the Harlem community, nationally, including a groundbreaking story on the 1971 Attica Prison uprising, and internationally.

Today more than 70% of CCNY students receive financial support. For many, it imposes a real challenge to manage tuition, and to complete unpaid full-time internships during semester breaks. In 2022 eminent members of The Paper founded The Paper Endowed Scholarship Fund for Social Justice, which seeks to help students engaged in social justice projects or internships who require monetary support to complete their curriculum and extracurricular activities that strengthen our community. This scholarship fund provides additional financial support to assist recipients in their academics, and to build on their professional development and leadership skills. To learn more about The Paper and its importance to to its members, read The Paper Reflections below!

Read about the first two recipients of The Paper Endowed Scholarship Fund for Social Justice.

To contribute to The Paper Endowed Scholarship Fund for Social Justice, please click here and select The Paper Alumni Fund as the designation.


The Paper Reflections

We are thrilled to share “The Paper Reflections Project 2023”, a collection of stories shared by the veterans of the official periodical of The City College of New York; The Paper. Their testimonials reflect the pride that all City College graduates share.

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