The Publishing Certificate Program Scholarship Fund

The Publishing Certificate Program at CCNY was established in 1998 on the initiative of best-selling author and CCNY graduate Walter Mosley. The program offers a variety of courses and seminars to undergraduates and non-matriculated students which provide them with the knowledge, professional skills, and contacts necessary to enter the publishing industry. The core curriculum is taught by book professionals who are leaders in their fields. Our graduates and instructors include publishers, designers, agents, and authors

Our Pledge for Diversity in the Publishing Industry 

A special concern of the Publishing Certificate Program is the strength of diversity in the book publishing industry and its impact on cultural production and our national and global markets. Drawing on City College’s racial, ethnic and class diversity, and its proximity to the national center of the book industry, the Publishing Certificate Program is uniquely situated to address this industry-wide concern. Professional training, meaningful employment, and job retention are of key interest to the program faculty and administration. 

How to donate:

If you wish to contribute to the program, click to donate here. As “designation”, please mark the Division of Humanities & the Arts, and add in the comments section “Publishing Certificate Program” Your contribution will honor and recognize the exceptional work of our students, allowing them to cover tuition expenses, receive scholarships and general student support. 

The Covid-19 pandemic is a particular challenge to the publishing industry and our community values your generosity and help throughout these difficult times. So far, we have taught close to 375 students, and we look forward to growing our alumni cohort with talented and promising students who will diversify the publishing industry. 

We have taken on a major initiative to deepen our program’s presence in the heart of New York. If you would like to learn more about the opportunity to mentor, to host internships for current students, or just to find out more about us, please feel free to reach out to the Program’s Assistant Director, Retha Powers, at rpowers@ccny.cuny.edu . We hope to inspire a community of mentors dedicated to fostering the growth of our community as lifelong learners.

We thank you for your support of our program. 

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