The Foundation Board, as of February 2021

On December 3, 2019, The City College of New York and its Foundation Board Leadership announced the formation of The Foundation for City College, Inc. It is the culmination of a three-year process to consolidate the 21st Century Foundation and the City College Fund. The Foundation began operations with an endowment of more than $290 million.  

Following are our esteemed board members:

  • Martin Cohen '70, Chair of the Board​;
  • Edward Blank '57;
  • Vivien R. Clark;
  • John Dionisio '71;
  • Leonard Kleinrock '57;
  • Maureen Mitchell '73;
  • Sy Sternberg '65;
  • Michael Sutton;
  • Lev Sviridov '05;
  • Josh Weston '50;
  • Peter Zahn;
  • Vince Boudreau, President, CCNY, ex-officio

The foundation’s mission at our 173-year-old institution is to enhance access to educational and research excellence, particularly for students who might not otherwise attend a senior college due to financial costs.