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The Melendez Architecture Scholarship

About the Scholarship


The Melendez Architecture Scholarship (MAS) offers $1,000 to a full-time student in their second year or above to help assist with expenses associated with architecture school. To qualify for the scholarship, a student must be enrolled in the B.Arch program, demonstrate financial need and submit an application. The scholarship is awarded once a year, at the beginning of the fall semester. 

MAS was created in honor of Arnaldo Melendez, the Student Advisor of the Spitzer School of Architecture at the City College of New York. For 19 years, Melendez provided mentorship, academic advice and guidance to hundreds of students who walked through his door. Upon his retirement in 2018, students impacted by his presence wanted to pay it forward and ensure his name would be honored long after his departure.

To contribute to the Melendez Architecture Scholarship (MAS) fund, please click here. Select the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture as the Designation and add “Contribution to the Melendez Architecture Scholarship (MAS) Fund.”

Your contribution will honor and recognize the great work done by Arnaldo Melendez and provide financial support to dozens of architecture students. 

About Arnaldo Melendez


Arnaldo was born and raised in Brooklyn and is a lifelong New Yorker. He graduated from The College of Holy Cross with a bachelor’s degree in political science in 1977 and began his career as an academic advisor in 1981 in Long Island University in Brooklyn before coming to City College in 1989. During his time at City College, he worked for 10 years at the Office of Academic Advising before moving to Shepard Hall to do advising for the architecture school for another 10 years. With the construction of the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture, he spent an additional 9 years advising for the architecture school before retiring in 2018. In total, Arnaldo spent 29 years advising students at City College; we wish him the best as he enjoys his time and well deserved retirement.  

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