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The Division of Humanities & the Arts at City College help students expand their vision and focus their future. Our goal as educators is providing students with the resources to broaden their general understanding and find their particular passion, learn a little about everything and a lot about something.

We cannot achieve our goals in this Division without the stalwart support of donors, who provide our faculty and students with ‘the extras,’ such as art supplies, theater attendance, film and music equipment, conference participation for faculty and students, and study abroad opportunities. These ‘extras’ go a long way in making the students experience at CCNY special and enable our faculty to pursue their scholarly research and artistic creativity. Their ability to inspire, just as our students’ potential, is endless.

To allow the Division to continue to flourish, we are expanding the full-time faculty and providing new academic and funding opportunities for students. Please join us as we help our students and faculty expand their vision and focus their future.

Thanks to donor support, we have been able to:

  • Open the George Lois Digital Archives on campus to proserve the masterful work of the advertising icon for City College students and visitors.
  • Provide unique internship opportunities for students at premier cultural institutions and leading corporations in New York City.

Renata Miller

- Renata Kobetts Miller, Interim Dean
Division of Humanities & Arts

Last Updated: 05/04/2022 11:42