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The Division of Humanities and the Arts seeks to understand human society and culture by studying languages, literatures, arts, philosophies, histories, theater, media, and music from around the globe. We change human culture and society by creating the images we see in daily life, the things we hear and read, and the histories that are written and examined. Studying humanities and the arts builds our capacity for empathy, for critical thinking, and for imagining new possibilities. Studying humanities and the arts thus prepares students to build a more just and equitable world, and to become leaders in every field of endeavor.

We serve not only not only undergraduate majors and graduate students in our departments and programs, but every student in the college. One would be hard-pressed to find a single student on the City College campus who has not taken a single course—or even multiple courses—offered by our division, which is the largest provider of undergraduate classes on campus. Our work is foundational to the broad, liberal arts education that City College provides: an education that opens up a world of intellectual exploration, artistic creation, and the excitement of discovery. Such an education enables students to live a thoughtful and ethical life, become analytic thinkers and life-long learners, and develop the talents that will enable them to make their best contributions to our world. Beyond the essential courses that Humanities and the Arts provides, many CCNY students opt to take electives offered by our division as they develop their musical talents, philosophical understanding, writing or speaking abilities, historical knowledge, and so much more. 

We strive to build an interactive model of the humanities and the arts, increasing our engagement with New York City’s diverse cultural resources, building interdisciplinary collaborations, and encouraging our students to be active learners and creators of new knowledge. Please join us by supporting this work.

Your support has enabled us to:

  • Attract and hire outstanding scholars and artists as faculty, and support faculty research and creative work, including books, films, musical compositions, art installations, and other projects. This is the work that allows our students to learn from faculty who are leaders in their disciplines and professions.
  • Provide unique internship opportunities for students at premier cultural institutions and corporations.
  • Develop bridge programs, such as the one we have built in Philosophy, that support City University of New York transfer students in pursuing majors that expand their horizons of understanding.
Renata Miller

Whether engaged in humanities scholarship, the creative arts, or professional programs in media and arts production, Humanities and Arts students at City College achieve a deep understanding of human experience in its diversity. They also develop their voices and abilities so that they can shape the future of human culture and society. The work that we do in Humanities and the Arts is, in a word, transformational.

- Renata Kobetts Miller, Interim Dean
Division of Humanities & Arts

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