Graduate Degrees

Master of Arts (MA)

A Master of Arts degree focuses on advanced study in the humanities or social sciences. It typically requires completion of coursework, research, and a thesis, enabling students to deepen their knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and specialize in a specific field of study.

Master of Science (MS)

A Master of Science degree emphasizes on advanced study in scientific or technical fields. It involves rigorous coursework, research, and sometimes a thesis or capstone project. It equips students with specialized knowledge, research skills, and practical expertise in their chosen scientific discipline or field of study.


Master of Science in Education (MSED)

A Master of Science in Education degree combines pedagogical theory, research, and practical skills to enhance teaching effectiveness and educational leadership. It equips educators with specialized knowledge and expertise in areas such as curriculum development, instructional strategies, and educational policy.

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

A Master of Fine Arts degree is focused on advanced study and practice in the creative arts, such as visual arts, creative writing, or performing arts. It emphasizes artistic exploration, technique refinement, critical analysis, and creative expression, equipping students with advanced skills and knowledge in their chosen artistic discipline.

Master of Engineering (ME)

A Master of Engineering degree focuses on advanced study in engineering disciplines. It emphasizes practical application, technical skills, and specialized knowledge to enhance engineering expertise and prepare individuals for leadership roles in engineering-related industries or research.

Master of Architecture (MArch)

A Master of Architecture degree provides students with specialized knowledge, design skills, and technical expertise to plan, design, and construct buildings and spaces while considering aesthetic, functional, and sustainable aspects.


Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)

A Master of Landscape Architecture degree equips students with specialized knowledge, artistic skills, and environmental expertise to create and enhance outdoor spaces, considering ecological, aesthetic, and social factors. 

Master of Urban Planning (MUP)

A Master of Urban Planning degree emphasizes advanced study in urban development, land use, and city planning. It equips students with specialized knowledge, analytical skills, and policy expertise to address urban challenges, shape sustainable cities, and improve the quality of urban life. 

Master of Professional Studies (MPS)​​​​​

A Master of Professional Studies degree focuses on applied and practical knowledge in a specific professional field. It is designed to enhance skills, expertise, and leadership capabilities for individuals seeking career advancement or specialization in a specific industry or profession.

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

A Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree emphasizes advanced study in public sector management, policy analysis, and governance. It equips students with specialized knowledge, leadership skills, and analytical expertise to address complex public challenges and effectively manage public organizations.

Master of International Affairs (MIA)

A Master of International Affairs (MIA) degree focuses on advanced study in global affairs, international relations, and diplomacy. It provides students with specialized knowledge, analytical skills, and cross-cultural understanding to navigate complex international issues and pursue careers in diplomacy, international organizations, or global policy.

Master of Music (MM)

A Master of Music degree emphasizes advanced study in music theory, performance, composition, or conducting. It enhances musicians' skills, knowledge, and artistic abilities to excel in their chosen musical discipline or career.

Doctoral Degrees (Ph.D) at CCNY

A Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) degree is the highest level of academic achievement. It involves original research, a dissertation, and extensive specialization in a specific field, demonstrating expertise and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in that discipline.

Doctoral Degrees (Ph.D) in consortial with Graduate Center

The Ph.D. Program in Biochemistry is consortial in nature, drawing faculty from CUNY senior colleges and providing access to research facilities on various college campuses. Students in the Ph.D. in Biochemistry benefit from a graduate program that is dedicated to their needs and that encompasses the remarkable faculty and facilities of the senior colleges of CUNY, the nation’s largest urban public university.

Lecture courses and basic seminars are given at The Graduate Center in Manhattan, whereas laboratory courses, advanced seminars and thesis research take place on the campuses where doctoral students serve an important function as instructors of undergraduate laboratory courses. City College  provides students with both subject matter expertise and critical research experience in biology, biochemistry and chemistry.

For more information and to apply, please visit the doctoral program in biochemistry at the CUNY Graduate Center (

Advanced Certificates (AdvCert)

Advanced certificates are short-term, specialized programs of study that provide focused training and knowledge in a specific field or skill set. They offer individuals an opportunity to enhance their expertise and gain valuable credentials beyond the undergraduate level.

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