Brooklyn Tech-CCNY Scholarship Project

For more than 90 years, Brooklyn Technical High School has been a proven leader in science, technology, engineering and mathematics-based education.  

“The scholarship helped relieve a lot of pressure regarding the need to pay for school. The scholarship pays for nearly all of my tuition and has saved me from taking on student loan debt. It also pushes me from the academic standpoint as I am forced to meet the GPA requirements in order to keep the scholarship. This has helped me perform well in most of my classes as the pressure made me study more efficiently.

“My major is mechanical engineering and I hope to become a certified engineer and possibly work for some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world.”

Mateo Hysa

City College Honors Program

“Brooklyn Technical High School and City College provided me a free education back in the late ‘60s, allowed me to live my American dream, if you will, and be able to fulfill my career. Without the education and the tools and everything that I learned at both schools, I could not have accomplished what I did in my career, so I felt that I wanted to give something back today. I was fortunate to be able to go to school for free, so it is my way of giving something back and saying thank you for a wonderful education.”>

John J. Eschemuller, P.E. ‘70

“Both my wife Nadia and I attended CCNY. We graduated in the early 1960s. At that time there was no tuition, just a $27 per term Student Life fee. Our contributions are a way of paying forward the benefits we received.”

Achilles Perry, BA ‘63

“I have been an active supporter of Brooklyn Tech for over 25 years. The Brooklyn Tech-CCNY Scholarship Fund is another way of showing my appreciation to the two institutions that contributed to my career success. “

Jacob Feinstein, BEE ‘65

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